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At Snickers Workwear we've been designing cutting edge  workwear for more than thirty years. It's a development driven by our passion for better workwear, based on the insight and experience of hardworking craftsmen that have to be able to rely on their gear.

We are continuously looking for new ways to improve the craftsmen's daily work focusing on; on-the-job functionality, ergonomics, durability, safety and comfort. Resulting in new solutions that meet the real needs of the craftsmen as they evolve.



At Snickers Workwear, we are driving the application of advanced materials in work wear design, taking advantage of the latest technological developments, when and where it can improve on-the-job comfort, protection and durability.

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Snickers Colours come in a single colour or a combination of colours.

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Snickers Colours


These symbols will help you find the right garment. They are used as guides in the product descriptions. The following definitions apply:

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Snickers Key Symbols, Features and Standards
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Each Garment has instructions for the best care when washing, ironing, whether it can be tumble dryed or bleached.

For a complete list of Snickers Washing Instructions  please click the image above or the link at the top of the page
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